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Due to the economic contractions, it is well known that the country is suffering through a prolonged credit crisis.

Many business owners are unable to secure working capital from their traditional sources and this has caused significant cash flow problems.

Our clients are business owners who have normally accessed lines of credit or have used bank loans to finance their businesses including labor, goods and supplies, raw materials, payroll, insurance, taxes, expansion and more.

Unfortunately, the banks are predicting ongoing loan defaults for some time therefore are unlikely to start lending at levels necessary for most small businesses to benefit.

 However, Western Peaks Consulting can help!

 Western Peaks Consulting has access to multiple ALTERNATIVE lending sources which can provide your business a much needed cash flow infusion. Use your funds to shore up restructured debts (provided by Western Peaks Consulting), invest back into your business to allow you to remain competitive, expand, and most importantly; have peace of mind.

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